Trade of virtual currencies can be risky. Exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis and prices are extremely volatile. Sudden changes in price might lead to the full depreciation of any given virtual currencies. Speculative bubbles and sudden loss of interest in a determined virtual currency can occur at any moment.

Virtual currencies are not backed by any asset nor by any governmental authority. The loss of money in crypto trade cannot be recovered. The price of virtual currencies is linked to risks outside the market which include cyber-attacks, human mistakes, hacking and governmental regulatory developments.

The features, functions and use of virtual currencies as well as the smart-contracts, software, protocols, networks and systems are dependent on the respective blockchain technology used. Any change in blockchain technology, forks, mining problems, such as computer power attacks to gain control of the blockchain, and other technological issues might have negative consequences in the operability and price of virtual currencies.

There may be some risks which are not identified or mentioned in the Terms of Use. CoinPiac recommends you to assess your level of tolerance to risk and your financial situation before any transaction and trade through our Services. The risks apply to all virtual currencies and fiat currencies trading pairs.

Thereby, You represent and warrant that You have all the expertise to evaluate the technical elements of security and integrity of any virtual currencies that You decide to acquire or trade and the necessary knowledge and access to information and professional advice needed for making conscient and well informed financial decisions.